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Upcoming Event of February 2023

Registration Details will be announced by mid-January.

If you want to know more about our upcoming events, write to us at


Event Description

This workshop provides an introduction to the field of intercultural education and training. It is intended for those seeking to expand their personal, professional and intercultural horizons. Participants will become familiar with the Developmental Model of Linguaculture Learning. They will be introduced to key insights that all trainers and educators need, including:  

the goals of intercultural education and training    

how to talk about cultural difference effectively

the connection between language and culture learning

There will be a mix of theory and practice. There will be an opportunity to explore how these ideas can be put into practice in different professional contexts.


About the Speaker

Joseph Shaules (PhD) grew up in the United States. He has lived and worked in the United, Kingdom, France, Japan and Mexico for more than 25 years. As a keynote speaker, he has addressed audiences across the globe as well as delivered workshops, on intercultural education, for audiences across the world. He is the Director of the Japan Intercultural Institute and is a Specially Appointed Professor at the GIC Center, Keio University, Tokyo. He is the host of the Deep Culture Podcast. He is widely published. His books include Language, Culture and the Embodied Mind (Springer); The Intercultural Mind (Intercultural Press), and Deep Culture: The Hidden Challenges of International Living (Multilingual Matters). He is proficient in English, Japanese, French and Spanish.

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