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Business Communication Facilitators' Association of India

A community of business communication professionals to network, upskill and grow 

Our Mission

BCFAI emerged as an idea in the minds of its co-founders who had experienced gaps while working in the field of Business Communication, and felt passionate about doing something about bridging those gaps. The co-founders of BCFAI believe that if we work together as a professional community, it’s not just individuals but Indian society as a whole can benefit. 

BCFAI has four foundational pillars:


Build a community for communication professionals

Provide peer support and services, in the form of learning events and mentoring, to its members to help upskill and grow professionally


Bridge industry-academia divide 

Conduct Faculty Development Programs for Institutes that want to align their curriculum, content and delivery techniques to industry standards.


Build bridges between India and the world

Widen the professional network of those operating within India and provide exposure to internationally recognized experts in the field 


Give back to the society

Provide high quality training conducted by industry experts, to those, from marginalized sections of society, who cannot afford it. 




If you work in the field of business communication training and development in India and are looking for: 

  • a peer support network to share and learn about best practices, 

  • avail mentoring for professional growth and participating at international events, 

  • attend professional development activities relevant for 21st century education

  • contribute to social impact programmes

Then get involved with BCFAI today!

Who is BCFAI for?

Professors, Teachers, Trainers, Faculty Members in academic institutions

Coaches, Trainers, Professors, Teachers, Facilitators working independently or as partners with training companies

Learning & Development professionals, working in-house with corporates & professionals working with NGOs or CSR wing of corporates 


BCFAI is for professionals who design, develop or deliver training in the field of Business Communication, Soft Skills and 21st century Skills, including but not restricted to: 


Red and Orange Gradient

Our Services

Blue Dots

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” – Mother Teresa

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