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Help professional growth of members 

Professionals working in the field of Business Communication, in India, include those at academic institutes working with pre-service candidates; and those at corporate houses working with in-employment resources. There are independent trainers as well working across sectors. While academia has its support groups in the form of teacher Associations; corporates have support groups in the form of HR Associations. There is no single body that brings these two groups of Communication professionals, together, under a single umbrella. Independent trainers have no support group.


How does a newcomer enter the field of Business Communication? What kind of work opportunities does it offer? How sustainable can a career be? How does one grow? How does one develop skills that helps transition into other kinds of work? Many such questions come up.

BCFAI offers mentoring services for its members to respond to questions regarding one’s professional growth. Members can send in a request with the kind of mentoring they are looking for, BCFAI identifies a mentor following which a one-on-one call is organized between the mentor and mentee.

A challenge that many independent trainers face is getting to know about relevant jobs or assignments. BCFAI regularly informs its members regarding work opportunities. Many companies, looking for trainers, approach BCFAI. This information is passed on to its members who connect directly with potential clients.

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