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Help members participate at international forums

There are vibrant professional bodies in the world that bring together those working in this field Business Communication. They organize webinars as well as full-fledged conferences some of which are conducted in virtual or hybrid mode. Many of these bodies also offer scholarships. Information regarding such activities is not readily accessible to someone operating in India.


In a globalized, interconnected world, it is essential for anyone to be in touch with happenings around the world. Building bridges between the international community with those operating within India helps open up channels of exchange.

BCFAI maintains regular contact with such groups and receives information about their activities. This information is, consequently, made available to BCFAI members so that they can participate in international events that they find relevant, network with people from around the world, invite international resources to participate in events in India.

Apart from sharing information, BCFAI also supports its members who wish to present papers at international conferences or apply for scholarships. Representing the Indian perspective at international platforms is one of the key drivers in BCFAI. Hence, BCFAI helps members to write abstracts or proposals or Scholarship Applications so that their chances of success go up. Since its inception in January 2021, two BCFAI members have attended Conferences as Scholarship winners and one member has won a Scholarship for a Conference to be held in the summer of 2023.


Success Stories

Triparni Biswas.jpeg

BCFAI member Triparni Biswas reached out to BCFAI committee for guidance to submit a speaker proposal at the 56th IATEFL International Conference and Exhibition. She was subsequently mentored by Co-founders Dolon Gupta, Ishita Ray, and Shweta Paropkari. Not only was Tripani’s speaker proposal accepted, but she also went on to win the Roving Reporter Scholarship. 

You can read more about Triparni Biswas here -

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BCFAI co-founder Shweta Paropkari, under the guidance of Dolon Gupta and Lalitha Murthy and mentorship of Ishita Ray, went on to successfully win the Ray Tongue Scholarship to present at the 55th IATEFL International Conference and Exhibition in Belfast in May 2022. 


For more information about IATEFL conference and scholarships, please visit -

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