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Past Events

Get a glimpse of our Past Events

  • Transversal Skills
    BCFAI’s first hybrid fireside chat - meaning members could attend online or in-person. In-person sessions happened in Kolkatta with Co-founders Dolon Gupta and Ishita Ray, Pune with core committee member Jayasree Menon, and Hyderabad with Co-founder Shweta Paropkari on 19 Nov, 2022. The session featured subject expert, Ron Morrain, in conversation with BCFAI Co-founder, Lalitha Murthy, about Transversal Skills - perhaps the most relevant topic for professional development in the 21st century. Watch more here -
  • Grammar in the age of Grammarly
    Held on 20 November 2021, "Grammar in the age of Grammarly '', was a departure from BCFAI’s signature fireside chats. The webinar, in effect, was a stimulating discussion with BCFAI members that embodied powerful, plural perspectives. Watch more here -
  • Neurolanguage Coaching and India
    Neurolanguage Coaching expert, Rachel Paling, shared her insights and answered questions by expert trainers Mushtakhussen S.M. and Revathi Viswanathan on Neurolanguage coaching in India, the theme of BCFAI’s third fireside chat hosted on 4 September 2021. Watch more here -
  • English for Marginalized Youth: Can language lead to empowerment?
    BCFAI’ s second Fireside Chat session on English for Marginalized Youth with Dr Joy Deshmukh Ranadive, CSR Consultant and Gender Specialist, was held on 1 May 2021. In conversation with BCFAI member Neelambari Store Rao and core committee member Jayasree Menon, Dr Ranadive discussed the term “marginalised youth”, whether learning English could change their socio-economic situation, and what kind of motivation is needed to teach them English. Watch more here -
  • Personal Brand as a Differentiator
    BCFAI’s first event, a fireside chat on Personal Branding for Business Communication professionals, was hosted on 6 March 2021. The panel included Branding expert Minal Jagtiani in conversation with Business Communications trainers Oksana Hera and Rohit Das. Watch more here -
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