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Social Impact programs 

A distinctive feature of India is its socio-economic diversity. On the one hand, rural India, semi-rural towns as well as pockets in urban India do not have equitable access to quality training. On the other, the primary language of business communication in India is English. English is the key to unlocking better job opportunities be it for a chauffeur, a Security guard or a senior executive in a multinational company. 


Reaching out to marginalized sections of the Indian society is one of BCFAI’s key foundational pillars. BCFAI aims to collaborate with professionals, NGOs and CSR wings of corporate houses that design, develop and deliver training to the rural and disadvantaged audience in English for employability, English as lingua franca and other specific purposes.


Trainers working with this audience function in contexts that vary significantly in learning needs, audience profiles, expected outcomes, availability of infrastructure etc. Without formal training, developing curriculum, customizing content and delivering training based on varying needs becomes a challenge. Options for upskilling in curriculum design and materials development are either few, inadequate, or lack outreach. 

With a huge rural and disadvantaged population and far-ranging needs and requirements, it is impossible for an individual to make a big impact. 

BCFAI aims to fill these gaps by opening dialogue, providing upskilling opportunities for trainers working in these contexts and also by providing expertise in designing, developing and delivering curricula and courses for the disadvantaged population in India. 

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