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#mailfail 7: Oops, I Did It Again: Autocorrect Fails

Do you hate Autocorrect as much as I do? It has ruined my emails and my reputation many times. In this article, I share some of my worst autocorrect disasters! Trust me, I am the champion of God Donut! 🍩 (God donut" is a censored way to say, "God damn it!". Best known for being in iPhone autocorrects.)

I have a dirty little secret: I hate this feature called Autocorrect. It has caused me so much trouble and embarrassment over the years. I’m sure you can relate. We’ve all been there. We’ve all sent an email that was ruined by autocorrect.

No, seriously, I am the queen of autocorrect disasters! one time I wanted to send a thank-you note to my boss for a promotion but autocorrect changed it to “Thank you for the probation”. As you can imagine, he was not amused.

Another time I tried to apologize to my colleague for being late for the review meeting but autocorrect turned it into “Sorry for being lame”. She thought I was mocking her.

And one time I accidentally asked my boss for a vacation instead of a validation. He never approved it.

As I said, I am the champion of God Donut!

Here, I must share a recent incident that unfolded during an email exchange with my work colleagues regarding an upcoming office potluck. It's one of those moments when autocorrect decided to inject some unexpected humor into our planning process. In my email, I mentioned, "Hey team, for the potluck, let's bring some delicious homemade dishes. Can you pick up some finger-licking salsa (spicy dip) on your way to the office?" A simple request, or so I thought. Little did I know that my mischievous autocorrect had other plans in store.

As I hit the send button, my email client stealthily swapped "salsa" with "salad." Yes, you guessed it right. I accidentally asked my colleagues to bring a salad instead of the intended spicy dip. You can imagine the confusion that awaited us at the potluck when we'd have an abundance of leafy greens but no flavorful salsa. Culinary adventures were about to ensue!

But that's not where the hilarity ended. Oh no, autocorrect had more mischief in store for us. In my colleague's reply, "Sure, I'll bring a salad. Anything else?" my autocorrect decided to take center stage once again.

Instead of typing "napkins" like any responsible person would, my email client deemed it too ordinary. It transformed my innocent request into something extraordinary. It autocorrected "napkins" to "nunchucks"! Yes, you read that right. I inadvertently asked my colleague to bring nunchucks for our office potluck.

You can imagine the puzzled expression on their faces as they tried to comprehend why on earth, we needed martial arts weapons at a potluck. I could already visualize the whole team, attempting to balance plates of food while holding nunchucks. It was a potluck event that would surely go down in history!

In the end, amidst the laughter and confusion, we managed to sort out the autocorrect mishap. But the memory of that hilarious exchange between us will forever be etched in our minds. Autocorrect certainly knows how to add that extra dash of chaos to our office banter. Who would have thought a simple email about a potluck could turn into a comedy act?


Neha Srivastava is a talent development specialist and performance coach who has designed and delivered L&D solutions for over 20 years. She offers training and content writing services on various topics related to communication, customer success, coaching, diversity, and etiquette.

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