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#mailfail 8: Personalisation

In today's digital age, email has become one of the primary means of communication. Whether it's for business purposes, marketing campaigns, or personal interactions, crafting personalized emails is crucial for establishing meaningful connections. However, even the best of us can make mistakes. Let me share an email-writing oops that I experienced, highlighting the lack of personalization, and the valuable lesson.

The Incident:

Recently, I was tasked with inviting a group of professionals to an event aimed at fostering networking and collaboration. Being overwhelmed with the workload, I unintentionally overlooked the importance of personalization and sent out a generic email to all recipients. The email contained basic event details but failed to acknowledge the individuality of each recipient, their professional interests, and the specific contributions they could make to the event.

The Oops Moment:

Shortly after hitting the "send" button, I realized my mistake. I had missed a golden opportunity to engage with the recipients on a personal level, connect with their interests, and convey the value of attending the event tailored to their specific needs. It was a moment of disappointment and frustration, knowing that I had overlooked a fundamental aspect of effective email communication.

The Lessons Learned:

Importance of Research: I failed to understand the significance of conducting thorough research before crafting an email. Taking the time to understand the recipients' backgrounds, interests, and needs enables personalized communication that resonates with them.

Tailoring the Message: Personalization goes beyond simply using the recipient's name. oops… I just gave importance to the name and not tailoring the message to align with their specific interests, challenges, or goals. How I wish I had customized and shown value to their individuality and made the email more impactful.

Building Authentic Connections: If I had taken care of Personalization in emails it would have built authentic connections. This shows recipients that you genuinely care about their needs and objectives. It establishes trust and increases the likelihood of a positive response or engagement. Oh, how did I miss it?

Apologize and Acknowledge Mistakes: Don’t worry! The moment I realised the error, I was ready to own up to it. I went the extra mile and sent a follow-up email apologizing for the oversight and emphasizing the importance of the recipient's unique perspective. This demonstrates humility, accountability, and a commitment to rectify the mistake and is highly essential in the workplace.

Moving Forward:

Since that incident, I have implemented various strategies to ensure that personalization remains at the forefront of my email communication. I now prioritize research, gather relevant information about recipients, and craft tailored messages that resonate with their interests. I also make it a point to proofread emails thoroughly, double-checking for any signs of generic content that may dilute the personal touch.


Personalization in email communication is vital for establishing meaningful connections and achieving desired outcomes. Neglecting this aspect can lead to missed opportunities and impersonal interactions. By learning from our mistakes and embracing the importance of personalization, we can create engaging, effective, and impactful email communications that resonate with recipients and foster genuine connections.


Dipti is a certified and competent Executive Communication Coach, currently pursuing her ICF -ACC. She has coached and trained and coached over 25000+ Leaders and First Time Managers from various industries. She strongly believes in “When in Doubt Ask” and is passionate about strengthening her clients’ ability to Think, Communicate and Present themselves with confidence.

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